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What really matters

Professionally created commercial signs and awnings represent the personality and face of your business. When people see and read them, they immediately form an impression of your company similar to the kind of impression you get when meeting someone for the first time. If the signage fails to be appealing, or command attention or does not project a clear message, your business may be negatively impacted.

Personalized customer solutions

Printing Lab deeply cares about creating the kind of signage or awning that makes people look and want to do business with your company. Whether you need a lightbox, channel letters, blade signs, aluminum, anchor signs, backlit signs, electronic LED signs, or custom signage, our staff will present you with irresistable, cutting-edge signage you will feel excited and proud to exhibit at your location.

Latest technology

Printing Lab uses professional solutions along with our state-of-the-art technology to produce signs that literally turn heads, catch eyes and compel people to stop whatever they are doing to look at your signs. We really want to help you realize your ideas, visions and business goals by transforming them into reality and creating the most remarkable signage you can find.

Great service

We at Printing Lab will supply you with the highest quality signs and awning products at competitive prices while striving to provide unparalleled service.

At Printing Lab, we are able to design and produce products ranging from simple to custom made signs, awnings and canopies.

Call us today for a quote and get started on making that first great impression for your business today!


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